About Yashh

Back in 2017, at a very small age of 22, I was diagnosed with symptoms of Pre – Diabetes, Thyroid and some major problems in Nervous System. After completing my engineering I was not able to focus in my career, and all because of my deteriorating health.

Doctor had prescribed me 3 injections per week and had also advised me to take lots of medicines. All this was costing upto 9000 Rupees per month.

Going through all such big health issues was very traumatising for me and my family. And so just like others, we asked one question to Doctor that will I ever get rid of all this issues? Will I recover someday? He answered positively. He said that there are 100% chances of my recovery if I follow his prescription and do Yoga regularly. Now this was the first time, when I came across thia word, called Yoga.

So my parents insisted me to join them in their Yoga Classes, which was managed by a Trust organisation. This organisation was established 60-70 years ago. 2 months of continuous yoga and meditation have improved my reports. I can feel the improvement in my health. Now no more fatigue, no Anxiety, no fever and nothing that sort of.

Then on one day I got to know that our Ramakrishna Samiti was starting Lakulish Yoga Course, so my Guru and parents insisted me to take part in it. Even I was looking forward to it. Trust me. That was my life changing decision. It was a the turning point of my life.

Lakulish Yoga Course have changed my field of career and my job. It also changed me physically, mentally and emotionally. So I have decided to spread this miraculous essence of life – Yoga, all around the world. Because if it can change my life, so it can change yours too.

"Yoga: a boon to people on earth!"